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Can you suggest any easy books in Spanish please.

Can you recommend any small novels or books/articles that aren't too complicated to read for a relative beginner In Spanish.

Even children books as I have a child I can read too and possibly explain it to her.

Many Thanks


Sep 3, 2016 3:16 PM
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Hi Sarah, what about this one?


September 3, 2016

I bought "Los Cinco y el tesoro de la isla" by Enid Blyton (ISBN 9 788426 142924) and also the English original (ISBN 978-0-340-68106-0) and tried to read it side-by-side but although written for kids age 8-14 I found it rather difficult yet.

I now use a magazine written in simple Spanish (from A2) and find it much easier as it is written for Spanish learners. It is called "Ecos" (95% is Spanish - 5% German - mostly short vocabulary lists, which you then would have to search yourself) - if you are interested I can send you one or two articles, to see if you like it - just send me your mail address via PM

September 5, 2016
El principito is good as it's available in multiple languages. If you're familiar with it in your native language, it will be easier to read the Spanish version and pick up new phrases/vocabulary. 
September 3, 2016


I haven't read (or more precisely, I can't remember the ones that my mom used to have in the house) any children book so I'm not qualified to recommend one :( but I found this site:

I like it! Most ot the stories are short and I have enjoyed many of them (even by their simplicity/innocence). Also, I saw that many of them are translated in English (there is a link right after the story ends), so maybe you can read a story in English first to completely understand it and then read it in Spanish with the background of knowing how the story goes.


Also I found this site:

The stories are a little bit longer and the majority of them don't have pictures, but you might find some of them interesting.


September 3, 2016
Thanks very much!:-)
September 8, 2016
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