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Can anyone help me learn Italian? I will happily help them learn English

Hi everyone, 

I'd really like to learn italian and any conversation practise would be great. 

I'd also be happy to exchange my English too. I actually studied to become an English teacher, and am an English Literature undergraduate, so I would be happy to share my knowledge with you. 



Sep 3, 2016 5:09 PM
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George, if I may volunteer a plan to you ...

Learn the language one topic at a time, and one verb at a time.

Choose a topic, such as "introducing yourself". Each topic will call for a verb. In this case, the verb might be "I am".

Use that verb to create a few sentences on the topic. "I am ... George., I am ... from xyz., I am ... a student of Italian."

In Italian, 'I am' is 'Sono'. So it would be, "Sono George, Sono di xzy, Sono studente d'italiano."

If you get that same verb in its question form, you can already make a conversation.

In Italian, 'Are you ...?' is, 'Sei ...?' So you could ask, 'Sei Tony? Sei di Chicago? Sei studente d'italiano?'

And repeat. Choose a topic, learn a verb, finish the sentence (vocabulary), have a conversation. Here are a few ideas:

Topic: Home (Where you live)

Verb: Abito (I live); Abiti ...? (Do you live ...? ); Dove abiti? (Where do you live?)

Vocabulary: a Chicago (in Chicago); a _____ (in _____)

Topic: Italian

Verb: Parlo (I speak); Parli ...? (Do you speak ...?)

Verb: Studo (I study); Studi ...? (Do you study ...?) ; Cosa studi? (What do you study?)

Vocabulary: italiano (Italian); le lingue (languages)

Topic: Pizza

Verb: Mi piace (I like), Ti piace ...? (Do you like ...?)

Vocabulary: la pizza (pizza)

And so forth. Topic + Verb + Vocabulary = Everything

You can now answer these questions:

Di dove sei? (Where are you from?)

Dove abiti? (Where do you live?)

Parli italiano? (Do you speak Italian?)

Studi italiano? (Do you study Italian?)

Dove studi italiano? (Where do you study Italian?)

This way you can learn the language through communication, rather than the other way around.

September 3, 2016
I can help you, I'm learning italian too
February 16, 2017

ne sarei felice :-)

a presto

February 16, 2017
deal! :) 
February 7, 2017
Hi If you are looking to speak with someone or to learn Italian I can propose you It's the platform with native speakers and tutors. I use it by myself to improve my conversational skills in diofferent languages I;ve already learned. 
February 6, 2017
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