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Huyen Tran
What are some of your funniest moments learning another language?

Hi everyone,

It's easily to make mistake when you're learning a foreign language. It's embarassed. I've had some good ones myself that I'd like to hear about yours.

Sep 4, 2016 3:40 AM
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I meant to ask a Russian what is the best form of transportation in Russia as I'd like to visit one day, but I accidentally asked if a table is a good way to get around Russia :|

And when I was still in the early stage of learning how to speak Spanish and still wasn't very good at it yet I tried to say beach in Spanish which is playa and I ended up saying bitch (perra)...vamos a ir a la perra....yeah sure makes real sense. :|

September 4, 2016

Hahaha, my previous mistakes are a little naughtier than yours...

The first one, I was explaining to my teacher how to make a homemade mayonnaise potato salad. I told him he could use as a dressing a maroon powder that I didn't know that name in English, so I looked in the dictionary to see it's name was "cumin". Then I told him it was "coming", and when I heard what I said I just burst out laughing. It was really embarrassing and I couldn't stop laughing out loud... He told me the pronunciation of it is like "Q-min".

The second time we were talking about metaphors. We started with water metaphors, like "the place was flooded by people", etc, and when he asked me to make an example regarding people using air metaphors I couldn't think about anyone. Then he asked me "what does the air do?" and I replied "blows". I immediately thought about one sentence, but couldn't tell him obviously, so instead I burst out laughing. He told me "Yeah, right, except that one, lol! What else people do related to "air"?

He didn't bother with me being embarrassed through our classes back then anymore, we just laughed about it... He used to tell me it was the books I read faults, lol...

September 4, 2016
I once accidentally told someone I sometimes like to put cheese in my coffee. i meant to say "milk"..... she was horrified, and I really didn't understand until I realized what I actually said
September 4, 2016

I mistook to pronounce "clap" and "crap". Crap means poop so everyone laughed at me! That was really embarrassed!

September 4, 2016
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