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Xu Xuchen
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I don't watch western films or TV series often because sometimes I still can't understand the culture,sometimes I can't figure out the protagonists' faces.However I don't watch Chinese or other TV series neither.

I watched a film occasionally when I was having my lunch,it's called The Boy in the Sriped Pajamas.It told a story between a little boy of German Nazi Officer and a Jewish boy who were working in the camp.The little boy moved from Berlin to the countryside because of his farther's promotion,he was very lonely there and it was lucky for him to meet the Jewish boy in front of the camp.And then they became good friends and hung out secretly.The little boy was always curious about everything he saw,he wanted to be an explorer one day when he grew up.So he felt confused why those people wear pajamas all day,he thought it could be a kind of game.However,his mother thought it's not a good place for children to spend their childhoods and decided to move away.At that time,the Jewish boy told that boy he couldn't find his farther anywhere,so he recomended to wear the same pajamas and pretend to be one of them and helped him to find his farther.But unfortunately,once he entered into the camp,he was killed by the gas,with a group of Jew,with his best friend,that Jewish boy.

Finally his mum just like collapsed in the cascaded rain....It's a good film but so hurt.  When that film ultimately finished I felt myself stop thinking.My brain is like attacked by the strong emotion of sadness.

Are there any good books or films about Jew or the stories of World War 2?

Sep 4, 2016 7:40 AM
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Sounds like a good story.It is named 不死鸟 in Chinese verision,which refer to a kind of bird that never die.Quite interesting.
September 4, 2016
My favourite holocaust movie that I feel tells a lot about the time that followed the war is Phoenix (2014)  by Christian Petzold. It's about a girl who was beaten just as the Nazis surrendered and has to have plastic surgery to fix her face leaving her slightly different than before. She looks for her husband but he doesn't recognize her from the surgery. the film explores the effects of the camps on people as well as the couples want to return to the way things we're being, in my opinion, a metaphor for the country wishing thy could just go back to the way it was before, before the war changed everyone.
September 4, 2016
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