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I am scare to speak English to a native speaker. How do you overcome this fear?
Sep 4, 2016 12:08 PM
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Start simple:

Just have very simple sentences about what you want, for example "What time is the next bus?" or "Which way to the bakery?"

When you feel more confident with short conversations like this, then you can start with more complicated phrases.

I feel the same when trying to speak with Polish people, everything you want to say just disappears from your mind! This is completely normal, don't worry!

Best of luck

September 4, 2016

Hi Yummy!

I always thought my English was very good until the day I scheduled my first trial lesson here on italki, lol!  I was so frighten up that I could barely talk to the teacher, since all I could manage to do was stutter and hear my heart pounding really fast inside of my chest, hahaha, I just freaked out...

After a couple of classes I felt more comfortable to talk, and now it's way easier for me to have a conversation than it was in the beginning.

So my advice for you is to simply talk without the fear of making mistakes. We're not natives and your partner will know that, so all your mistakes will be forgiven, don't worry about that.


Hahaha, take care, and don't give up!

September 4, 2016
When talking to a language partner, just remember that they probably face the same difficulties in your native language, and you are here to help each other. 
September 4, 2016
Just pick someone and have a go! Really it will be okay. Nobody will laugh at you or be angry with you if you make mistakes. It's not like school. So just give it a try and you will find that you even enjoy meeting people and talking to them.
September 4, 2016
Just cast away your fear and speak to them. There will be mistakes inevitably, but practice makes perfect. 頑張って
September 4, 2016
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