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4 de sep de 2016 15:50
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4 de Septiembre de 2016

1) Too young. I'm a middle-aged guy and I have found myself in conversations with teenagers. I'm sorry but I really have nothing to say to someone that young and they don't have much to say to me. Conversations are practically impossible.

2) They expect too much. I have a job and I am a single father. I don't have a lot of free time, but what free time I have I like to use to learn and help others learn. If you are looking for a regular thing, I already know that it won't work out.

3) I am learning Spanish. I would love to learn Portuguese, Vietnamese, Italian, and other languages someday, but the bottom line is that I need to focus on Spanish now. I am having a hard enough time with just that.

4) Time zones. Even if you are Spanish and living in Spain, we may have issues with finding a time. There is a 6 hour difference which means that your free time is quite likely when I am either asleep or at work.

5) I just don't think that we will get along. As much as I don't think that iTalki is or should be a dating site, the fact remains that we are all looking for someone with which we might have some chemistry. A lot of times it IS like a dating site, or even worse. I think that some people probably are more choosy about language partners than they are about who they will date.

4 de Septiembre de 2016

1. Too many offers - you want 1 or 2 poeple to practise language with and you have 30+ offers

2. Language partner should be a native speaker of the language you would like to learn. Not just any language.

3. Not everybody can be a teacher. Just talking doesn't work always when you need some grammar and linguistic explanation.

4. Messages that make you think that somebody is not interested in language exchange but in something you're totally not interested in.

5. Overall attitude - for example when I write to somebody using my broken Portuguese I expect them to correct me straight away, if they don't care about it and just answer because they understand what you mean, it shows what kind of "teacher" they will be.

4 de Septiembre de 2016

Someone asked this 11 hours ago and got some wonderfully insightful answers:

4 de Septiembre de 2016
Yes, I was the original poster. I found the numbered comments so insightful that I'm inviting more people to follow that format with their responses.
4 de Septiembre de 2016
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