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Venezuela and Maduro

So I'm currently reading the book "Sin Miedo" by Jorge Ramos. I just finished the chapter on Jugo Chavez and although he was a despicable person, I do find his story interesting. I understand that Jugo Chavez was a war hero and was promising to correct the wrongs done to Venezuela from its previous rulers. However, How in the wold did a bus driver from caracas get into the upper level of politics. Then take over as president of Venezuela and then finally acquire unconditional loyalty? I find Maduros rise to power very strange. There had to have been  someone else who was more qualified and wanting his power. He isn't charismatic or even an average public speaker. And he doesn't appear to come across as a fearless leader. How in the world has no one taken his power away? Why does the congress protect such an unpolished figure?

At this point it would be unwise for me to suggest that the next leader of Venezuela would be wholesome and just, because this kind of anarchy that is being promoted in Venezuela normally makes way for another dictator figure with military experience (Castro, Chavez, Saddam Hussain). However, it just shocks me that the one delaying this from happening appears to be an inadequate and talent lacking individual. What is your view on how Maduro has A) been promoted from bus driver to President. and B) Survived one of the worst recessions and governmental failures of South American history?

P.S. Sorry if I come across ignorant. I am an "Estado Unidense" that isn't really knowledgable enough to know the whole scope of the issue. 

Sep 4, 2016 7:26 PM
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It's very interesting how person from the most aggressive country in the world is trying to analize politics of another country. I cannot even imagine any US president who was not despicable and didn't bring any trouble to smaller states that have resourses but don't have enough power to protect themselfes from your so called "democracy". 
September 5, 2016

Hola Justin.

Te diré que no estás del todo errado. Aunque me limitaré en lo que diré.

A) Fraude.

B) Sobrevive por su tiranía.

Y la Asamblea Nacional (Congreso) no lo protege. Maduro le quitó casi todos los poderes que la Asamblea Nacional posee por ley.

Si quieres debatir sobre este tema de una forma sana, te invito.


September 4, 2016
And that is how an expert dictatorship supporter does it. Guilt people into not being able to have an opinion. The u.s. Is far from perfect and I'm unique in that I actually care about other countries. I'm sorry if free speech and freedom of conversation makes you uneasy. 
September 5, 2016
Justin, just please don´t call Chávez "Jugo" jejeje. His name was Hugo... jugo means juice! jajaja
September 5, 2016

Jajaja, no hay problema. Solo quería reforzar los puntos.

Pero sí es cierto todo ello. La prensa internacional no exagera cuando cuentan todo éso. Es mas, hay cosas que la prensa extranjera jamás llega a saber, que aquí uno ve día a día.

September 5, 2016
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