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How To Get Angry In Style

Often, some of the first words (or only ones) people learn in another language are curse words. However, there are nicer ways to express anger. Find out how you can be angry and classy at the same time.

Sep 12, 2016 12:00 AM
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BTW, guys, we can turn this textual conversation into an audio conversation but for that, we have to help each other.Let's be someone Tom and be someone Rebecca and let's do both the conversation i.e, the formal one and the real one and let's measure the intensity and judge how it sound. I don't mind taking the name of Tom,Anybody is interested to be my partner??

What're you saying??Are you ready or do you have some other ideas??If you have please share.

Let's sound real angry:):)

September 8, 2016

Very nice article.I really liked it:) Every emotion  has  their own style.If not expressed in that way, it seems to be funny or something else.

You have very well explained it with some conversation.Now I get it that why there are so many words in English or any other languages and what is the use of those words.They may be synonyms but it is  the situation with which the sound of that word should be synchronised,then only the actually intensity or feeling will come.

You have given so many nice words and expression which are clearly showing the matter with the right sense and intensity.

Thank you very much for your contribution:)

September 8, 2016
Very good article. I really enjoyed it! thank you so much. :)
September 12, 2016

Good to know a gentleman approach. I agree, it is a bad habit they have an interest to learn curse words when learning a language.  

Proud to know you are from UK too

September 8, 2016
Great article! thanks for sharing
September 8, 2016
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