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I want to become a better community tutor

I am still new to community tutoring and I would like to become a better community tutor when I return from my break. So far, I have just been chatting with people in English and helping them read texts. Do any community tutors offer more structured lessons? How do you do your lessons? Do you use books, videos, texts, exercises? Or is that all in the realm of professional teachers?

Any advice is welcome!

Sep 5, 2016 12:46 AM
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I don't expect the community tutors to create actual lesson plans or course materials. I think the concept of a tutor is too help you with a program you are already enrolled in. It takes a lot of effort to create lesson plans for individual students, which is why the teachers tend to charge more. Overall, it is up to you how you want to run your tutoring sessions. If I were a tutor, I'd expect my students to have an organized plan for their language and simply navigate them through it.
September 5, 2016

I have worked as tutor (outside italki - not for languages) and of course you CAN use books, etc..

Italki, as far as I understand, just makes sure that people, who want to become a "teacher" have a formal qualification in that field. That can be very helpful for students, who need to prepare for exams or need to have grammar explained in detail etc. Those teachers then should have the material to explain and practise this.

I find that a good tutor is rather a person, who helps where it is needed and not someone, who gives structured lessons.

For example: I prefer to learn the (Spanish) grammar out of a (German) textbook. Mostly it is clear (in theory at least). What I then need is someone to practise it with: Repeating the lists of irregular verbs, making short sentences with the words I have learnt etc.

What I have experienced is that many tutors and teachers overdo it: Each time I make a mistake (which is natural as I am learning), they (want to) start and spend time on explaining grammar. It took me a longer time (and some money for trying out several tutors) to find someone, who simply helps me, where I need it at the moment. And if it is a boring repeating of short sentences for 60 mins, then it is fine with her.

Through when the student doesn't have specific requests it might be good to have some material (text, picture) to start a discussion. Otherwise you tend to talk about the same topic over and over again (personal interests of either of you). 

My personal opinion.

September 5, 2016
I am not a community tutor, but I have just started using in some language exchanges to provide some structure. The three partners I have tried it with have really liked it.   It is designed for teachers but it´s terms of service has no requirements about what a teacher is.  It has a free trial, so you could check it out.  It gives you the ability to give free placement tests to see where a person´s gaps are.  The way it is organized it would be a nice tool if one of your clients says something to you like: ¨I need help with phrasal verbs¨ or some other general type topic.
September 5, 2016

As a learner, I would like to register my opinions about English teaching. 

A wide range of English materials is absolutely necessary for English learner to learn English with effectiveness and efficiency, so that means if you can make good English materials to facilitate English learning, you must be able to engage some group of people who are interested in your English teaching. 

I personally believe videos and audio materials are more relevant than texts or books despite they are also important for an advanced learner,. Certainly, most of the English learners are worse in speaking and writing (productive side), especially young learners, in other words, young people are probably more interested in good English learning materials in speaking and listening. 

In terms of advanced learning, I consider reading and writing are more important than speaking and listening. But no matter what, I cannot stress more about the importance of "INTERACTION". I am convinced that a good teacher is the one who is good at building a good atmosphere and environment to develop "interaction" in any case. 

Personal perspective

September 5, 2016

I'm new guy to this platform ,very glad to know promising tutor like you.  

I think "before class text"(some text we can read for build communication context before the class)  will be very helpful.

September 5, 2016
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