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Italian GCSE in london, england - has anyone taken a gcse exam privately?

hi everyone, I'm curious to know how one goes about taking an italian gcse exam privately, does anyone have any info on this or even better, have you done it?

I'm interested to hear of anyone's experience of taking a language gcse exam privately. Not sure where to start, looked breifly on aqa site, but not sure what the deadlines are and how it all works....(Gcse's were a lonnnng time ago now for me so feels very alien, and particularly on how to organise it myself!)

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!


Sep 5, 2016 1:58 AM
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Hi Daniela,

 Good question, Ive been wondering this myself. Ive just enrolled on a night school class but it doesn't lead to a qualification.  

If you find anything out let me know and I will do the same!

I guess the best way is to contact local colleges!



September 22, 2016

Daniela, the information is on the AQA website.  

You have to join a school or college that is approved by AQA as a private candidate. That's where you take the exam. There will be an oral test and you have to ensure the school is able to do the test for you.

The AQA website has a list of schools, fees and the entry deadlines.

Give them a call ASAP as I suspect some of the deadlines are looming.

You have to contact the school yourself.

Good luck.

September 5, 2016
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