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How to improve your English listening.

Hello friends,

I found some useful advice in this lesson. I want to share it with you.

2016年9月5日 07:08
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And also, I was improving my listening and speaking with the help of Rebecca Linguist. She teaches "American Accent Training".

I had her audio and book, but I also found her on YouTube, if someone needs:


Wow! What a great video, Leyla. All of these tips are really great.

The most important tip in the video is this: listen several times! It drives me crazy when I hear learners say they watch a movie in English once (usually with subtitles in their language, which I think is a very bad idea - that's cheating!) and then just forget about it. If you really want to improve your listening, you should watch 10 minutes of a movie every day, over and over, analysing all the sounds and making sure you understand. A single movie should be at least a week of serious listening practice!

Another mistake is to read the script while you listen. This turns listening practice into reading practice. In real life, there are no subtitles. While I accept that language-learning often requires simplified (unrealistic) language, reading while listening is going way too far: we listen to sounds, we don't listen to text!

A programme I use to improve my listening in my target languages is Audacity, which is available for free download here:

What is Audacity, and how do you use it? I don't have space to answer that here, but this is a wonderful article about using Audacity to improve your listening (note: it's written for Chinese learners, but applicable to any language learner)

It's clear you're a serious language learner, Leyla, and I wish you best of luck.


China mainland can't visit Youtube.  Although I am not able to see it, your share spirit I am very praise highly.

who can correct my grammer of sentense above 

Many thanks



Thank you. I think it is an amazing way for improving our listening skill. It just may take time. But I think it would be very useful.


I know one method to improve your listening skill. It’s hard method but extremely effective))) You need audio record of English speech and script for that speech. You can use video it doesn’t make big difference. You listen that record ones, and than try to write each word of speech, you can pause and listen several time each part while writing. It’s like dictation. And of course you shouldn’t watch script until you finish you dictation. If you don’t hear something then just write your guess, or question mark. And finally make a check against script. You will see what sounds or words you don’t understand and learn pronouncation of those words. 

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