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Zack B.
October Language Challenge 2016 Help

Hello Italki community! I have been a member of Italki for a few years now, and as many who use Italki know, several times a year Italki holds language challenges. I have never participated in a language challenge since joining a few years ago. The last time Italki held a language challenge, I almost joined, but in the end decided not to. This time around, I am strongly considering joining the upcoming October language challenge, but am a little nervous and apprehensive about joining and how best to complete the challenge if I do decide to participate. That said, for those who have participated in past language challenges, what has your experience been? Did you find the challenge too difficult to complete? Did you enjoy your experience with regards to the challenge? How did you schedule and manage time to take lessons to complete the challenge? Thank you for any insight and information, I greatly appreciate it!

Sep 5, 2016 2:33 PM
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I did a French challenge last Oct.

I completed it, just!

Positives, it gave me the opportunity to see if having regular lessons more than one a week could help me. It gave me something to focus on. I got to practise things that I mostly wanted to do.

Negatives for me, it did give me pressure that I found difficult to handle, because I had to work around my rather fluctuating schedule. I didn't get to practise what I wanted with some of my lessons as the tutors took it in their direction although I had said what I wanted to practise specifically!

This was my personal feeling. I am glad I did it but it was difficult for me. If you have more time or a regular schedule I think that works much better. Or if you are happy to take instant lessons from random tutors.

Suggestions, before you start find the tutor or tutor that works for you. Take trial, instant or 30 minute lessons with a few people so as not to waste your time or money on longer lessons.  Not all tutors who charge more are the best. Many community tutors are just as good as teachers. Also they all have different personalities and characters. What I find is that some tutor are more patient than others, for example. I want someone who is patient and friendly and there are many on italki. Look at student feedback and not just the amount of lessons they have had.

If you want to motivate yourself, or to see how you can do under a bit of pressure then go ahead, as well as flexible timetable. It gives you a goal. I would suggest doing the 12 hour one as easier to do on a first time basis. I do not know if I would do it again but everyone is different. Make sure that you get the lesson that you want , so make it clear to the tutor and stick with what you want to do as you are paying:)

September 5, 2016
Zack B.
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