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Where Are We? A husband and wife were driving through Louisiana. When they were close to a town called Natchitoches, they started arguing about the pronunciation of the town.
After a while of arguing, they decided to go to a local restaurant and have lunch. The husband could not wait to know the correct pronunciation, so he asked the blond waitress at the cash desk.
“Before we order, could you please pronounce where we are very slowly?”
“Burrrr-gerrrr Kiiing.”
Sep 5, 2016 6:36 PM
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awesome...a clean joke that's kind of funny.  Thanks.
September 6, 2016

First cowboy: "I'm from Texas. Call me 'Tex.'"

Second cowboy: "I'm from Louisiana. Call me 'Louise.'"

In case you don't get the joke: drag mouse

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"Tex" really is a common men's nickname, for people from the state of Texas.

The pronunciation of the first two syllables of the state name "Louisiana" sounds exactly like the woman's name, "Louise.".


to here.

September 6, 2016
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