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Telegram study group for Korean learners?


So, I have started to study Korean like 2-3 weeks ago, and with new grammar comes new questions (and new vocabulary). I have used italki for a couple of questions and I have received fast and awesome answers from native speakers, so I am not sure if creating a basic level study group would be helpful. Up until now I could say that I can read hangeul (although I still have problems pronounciating some liaisons) and say hello and some other basic expressions. And that's it haha. I don't know if it would be a great idea to create a Korean study group in Telegram (because of my poor level), but if you are interested I can start creating one in these days. I'm usually busy from Monday to Thursday so I try to study hard from Friday to Sunday. If some advanced level learners or even natives join, it would be awesome that they can clear us up some questions for beginners like me, but if we are all beginners I think it might work also (but honestly I don't know how much we could improve).

So, tell me what you think :)

Thanks for your attention! :)

5 sept. 2016 21:02
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