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Do you think Arabic is a hard language to learn?

Do you think Arabic is a hard language  to learn? is it because of the different dialect that the language has or because of the sounds of the alphabets?

To me written Arabic isn't as easy as spoken Arabic although i'm a Native Arabic speaker i find that Arabic grammar is way complex than English grammar also in Arabic when we write we have to write in a specific form that is in "Modern Standard Arabic" which may be difficult because we don't write as the same way we speak. I had a Bengali girl who work for me  when she first  came she speaks neither  arabic nor english. After about 2 months she start to speak Arabic with and start knowing a lot of words,  but she couldn't pronounce the right sound of some  alphabet in the language for example,she pronounce  the letter س Sa as SHA, خ kh as ka and ث th as ta. 

Are you studying Arabic is it a hard language to learn?

What is the difficulties that you faced while learning the language?

Do you think Spoken Arabic is way easy than written Arabic? 

Sep 6, 2016 3:22 AM
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 ايه بالحين كلامك سليمة, اللغة العربية الفصحى صعبة مرا, اما العامية اسهل بكثير بالنسبة لنا

September 6, 2016
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