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Dear ASEAN friends : Have you got any game similar to this in your country?
I would like to ask our ASEAN friends (and those from other countries too 
) if you have a game like this one below in your country. I've heard that it is not only in Thailand but quite widespread (my Indian friend told me he also knew a similar game call Ring Ring Roses... wow!)

Have you ever play this kind of game in your country? and how do you call it? please feel free to share : )

Ree Ree Khao Sarn: 
A traditional Thai game with a pair of children holding hands above their heads to make an arch of a tunnel. 

Other children, about 5-7 people, line up, hands on the shoulders in the front, and get through the tunnel one by one. 

All the players will sing a specific song called Ree Ree Khao San (mostly kids' gibberish, doesn't really have any particular meaning). 

The players will take turn going under the tunnel and repeat the action until the song ends, then the arms making the tunnel will fall down, entrap the unfortunate kid failing to pass through them in time.

The trapped kid have to choose which kid of the pair he likes to replace. Then the next round will continue.
Sep 6, 2016 11:49 AM
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I once played this game when I was a kid and we call it "过山车"
September 6, 2016

In English-speaking countries, the game is called London Bridge is Falling Down. There are videos online.

Ring-a-Ring-o'-Roses is played differently (the Italian version is Giro Giro Tondo).

September 6, 2016

Thank you, Peachey and Nick : ) I have just watched videos of kids playing the London Bridge and Ring-a-Ring-o'-Rose (my friend and I must have misunderstood somehow that the games were the same). I haven't found the Guo Shan Qu video though. It's pretty amazing that kids here and there are playing quite the same game. Here is a vid about Ree Ree Khao San, first part of the song is about rice and rice husks and some variations also have a mermaid included. I just don't know why LOL.

September 6, 2016
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