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Juan De Dios
A little crisis about the patriot feeling

On September 16th mexicans celebrate the independence day and it's here when many of us (mexicans) tell to the world that we are proud of our country. This is common in every independence day for all the countries but I have been thinking about this feeling of patriotism and I believe that people can do many strange things in name of "patriotism", some of them are remarkable and on other ones are ridiculous and lamentable.

I'd like to talk (or write) about my personal opinion and I consider that this sentiment is useful when people want to contribute with the society but what happens when you want to study, work and/or live in another  country? Are you treasoning or giving the shoulders to your country and society? 

I don't think so. I believe that we are here to be happy and if our happiness and wishes are outside, we are free to go for them. I consider that borderlines and flags are essential to give us identity but they shouldn't be fences or cages for people that wishes explore new lands and experiences.

What dou you opine about this? I'd like to know what you think :) Thanks in advance
Sep 6, 2016 1:59 PM
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Juan De Dios: Si gracias, I agree that sometimes when people find out where you're from they feel superior to you, especially if they're from a country on the same side of ocean as México. Not all people of course have this "I'm from..." superiority sense obviously but it seems to me that a lot do. For me borders just create more discrimination and hatred in humanity so I don't judge people solely on where they're from, too many people do that and look at where we're at nowadays as humans. Plus I've gotten to know really nice and cool people from all around the world as Germany is big tourist attraction so I don't see any real reason to judge an entire population of people just because a certain number of people from their country might not be good people, can't judge an entire country based on what the media says in my opinion I personally think you should get to know the people personally before you judge them because anyone has the ability to be good or bad no matter where in this world they're from, they could be from some small island so removed from society and still be a good person. Yes many people from all over the world have visited us here in Germany some live with us now, some are open to our culture and are willing to give it a try and others come with a preconceived notion of us from school and media reports. But I like to give everyone a chance and welcome them when they come to Germany, and if they want to join us in our Tag der Deutschen Einheit celebration then they're more than welcome to in my opinion. I don't think that day should be reserved to just us natives of Germany it can be anyone who's here that celebrates it if they like. Y de nada amigo, gracias por el responder. Sorry if my Spanish is a little off, there are some things I get mixed up. 
September 6, 2016
What a brilliant thought Sid1995!! I totally agree with you because when people chat and they ask each other; "where are you from?" in ocassions there is a feeling of superiority and that shouldn't be. It is awesome your Tag der Deutschen Einheit because we know in Germany there are a lot of people from all the world and opening the door of your celebration for them is a great example for the wolrd. Thank you friend!
September 6, 2016
Yo personalmente creo que no debe haber fronteras porque en mi opinión fronteras entre países han creado este "Soy de....... así que soy mejor que tú" el estigma entre muchas personas en mi opinión. Personalmente, creo que todos debemos vivir en esta tierra como una raza, no juzgo a las personas en base a su lugar de origen porque para mí su país de origen no lo hace exclusivamente definer el persona, es sólo que nacieron allí. Por ejemplo, aquí en Germany tenemos nuestro  "Tag der Deutschen Einheit" o en Español "Dia de Aleman unidad" pero no lo veo como un día que sólo nosotros nativos de Germany para celebrar. Personalmente, creo que cualquier persona que viva aquí en Germany puede celebrar este día cada año en 3 de Octubre, porque para mí somos iguales como una raza y fronteras destruir el sentido de una humanidad.

September 6, 2016

Woow I am amazed for your answer and it is very interesting to know the opinion of someone who lives in a country that usually receives so many people from everywhere. I live in a country where too many people have to leave their homes because of the insecurity and lack of opportunities but all these people only want a better life and if the goverment can't provide these chances, it shouldn't complicate your journey. 

And don't worry for your Spanish because it's very good. I could understand your idea without any problem, I have known some Germans in my college and I admire their capacity to learn lots of langauges :) You count with me if you want to practise your Spanish or English.

Warmest greetings from Mexico city :D

September 7, 2016
Juan De Dios
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