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what the heck does this "update failed" error message mean in italki?! I  can't correct notebook entries, I keep receiving the Error message "update failed" after I click on submit, is there anybody else that has the same problem?
6 de sep de 2016 18:22
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Haha, they finally admitted it :D
6 de Septiembre de 2016

@ Erfan: I think englishgeek is probably right. New italki is incredibly demanding on bandwidth. On poor internet connections I can't even get past the spinning red circle of death and enter the site. If it's an ongoing problem you can contact italki directly, just click support, then submit request.

@Evil Eye: Good one! "Update failed" could be their new motto!

7 de Septiembre de 2016
A user once blocked me. If he asked a question and I tried to answer it, I would get a message like that. It probably is true for notebook corrections as well. 
23 de Marzo de 2019
I was beginning to think I was the only one with this problem and there's something wrong with my account. Turns out this issue has been around since 2016...
23 de Marzo de 2019
6 de Septiembre de 2016
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