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What do you guys think?  I am not working at a company because I want to become an interpreter. But not working at any company after graduate from university is really bad thing in Japan. I am called like "not good person". Everyone says you have to work at a company to earn money. I have a big dream to work with people in the world as an interpreter, but what I am doing is not good thing in Japan. I cannot understand what they say even I am Japanese.
Sep 7, 2016 7:31 AM
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I totally understand the social pressure!!
It's invisible but definitely exists among us since we've been educated to do as others do, thus u feel being excluded from society if u do not.

Personally I'm against this idea of "synchronisation". Why people are not allowed to do what they want to??

From my point of view, as long as u've got a logical reason to not work in a company, that would be OK!!
If u're trying to achieve what u want, just go for it, and u shouldn't care about others too much.

Live ur life since u are the only one who decides right or wrong on ur own future.

I hope my words help :)

September 7, 2016
Hi - Yes, it is social pressure.
You pretend to be "original", but the life of very original people is full of hard work.
Try to see the good aspect of this.
Society says:
- you are perhaps as talented as you think, but you should make some "guided" experience before. 
- you might fail: and you won't be happy to beg for help. Don't waste your talent because of pride!
September 7, 2016

Hi Yummi!

Here, in Brasil, it has a big pressure when the person finish the high school and don't course the university after

I think that each country has a kind of pressure.

You have to know what you want to do and follow your dream and, I am sure, that you will achieve your goal.

Don't care with the other people think or speak.. just put your energy to achieve your dream.

If you has money or you have someone that helps you.. don't care with others!

Good luck!!


September 7, 2016
I'm a college student. Even though I haven't graduated from college, I can understand what you're feeling.There are plenty of people aroud me who do what others do and tell me to do so.They treat their behavior as a process of accumulating experience and believe that onece you do something defferent, you may pay for it. All I want to do is to work hard to prove that they are wrong, at least in some way.So, you want to be an interpreter then you go for it with your effort. You got a dream,you gotta protect it. 
September 7, 2016
I'm Japanese too, but I believe in doing whatever you want. We have so much "bad English" in Japan--the other day I saw a menu that said "lice" (they wanted to say rice)....I realize that that would be something a translator needs to fix, but hope you become an awesome interpreter! I'm not gonna do shukatsu either so, let's be "not good people" together and defy Japanese social pressures ;) lol
September 7, 2016
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