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Katherine Velliquett
Professional Teacher
Learning a Language by Song

I have heard that a good way to learn a new language is by listening to songs in that language or singing along with songs in that language. What does the Italki community think about this? Is it true? Have you tried it?

I can understand how it would be beneficial to learn a language this way, since singing involves your feelings and emotions, which means using a different part of your brain. The more parts of our brain that are involved in learning a language, the better we are able to recall the language and improve our fluency.

Sep 7, 2016 5:24 PM
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It is a very good way to learn a new language, the bands and singers I like sing in English and listening to the songs helped me learn English, and then I began to translate those English songs into Spanish so I could learn how to speak Spanish.
September 7, 2016


September 7, 2016

Hi Katy, how are you? I think that is a fun way to learn english, I used to  study lyrics  a lot,  I love music, but just singing  we will not learn the real pronunciation  in  a real conversation to sounds more like a native-speaker. I watched a video on youtube with  really good tips that can help with listening skills. If you want to watch   helped me a lot to understand more  when I am watching my movies and tv series. link - .

September 7, 2016
I learned SO much by translating songs when I studied Italian. I would find Italian songs that I loved and could memorize and sing along, then I'd just write them out (since handwriting helps me more than typing) and I would keep a notebook of the songs, and have friends check my translations or explain what I wasn't sure of. 
September 7, 2016
Katherine Velliquett
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