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Is tipping part of daily life in your country ? - An article by BBC Learning English

Do you leave a tip when you pay for a meal? And how much do you tip?

Michael Lynn from Cornell University thinks that tipping is worth about $40bn each year. That's more than twice the budget of Nasa.

Indeed, many people say America is the most 'tip-friendly'country on earth. In New York, leaving a tip of around 20% in restaurants is normal. This compares to around 11% in London.

Why is it so much higher? Mainly because the wages of restaurant workers in the US are usually lower, so the tip is a very important part of their income.

But now some restaurants are trying something different. Sushi Yasuda restaurant in New York has banned tips because they say their staff are already well-paid, and because it makes the dining experience simpler for customers.

And which countries don't expect tips at all? In Singapore tipping is very rare, and in Fiji, Iceland and Japan, it can cause embarrassment and offence.

Sep 7, 2016 9:50 PM
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Tipping is usually not practiced in Sweden, it is sort of included on the bill already. At least for lunches. It is only when you get supreme service that you leave a tip. A difficulty these days has become to tip when you pay nearly everything with a credit card. Cash (coins and bills) have very much gone out of fashion over here in just the last two or three years. Some restaurants don't take coins and bills, but you will have to pay by way of credit card or with your phone. You can, for instance, not so easily give money to a poor beggar outside a shop, because you can't ask them -Do you take payment by VISA card? Things are really changing fast. 
September 8, 2016
Tipping here in Germany isn't really big deal, but if I decide to tip I usually only tip about 2-3 Euros very rarely will I tip like 5 Euros because it's not really necessary to tip much as minimum wage here isn't too bad, so tipping isn't seen as a big deal here. Only a few Euros if you feel like tipping. 
September 9, 2016

This is an interesting topic.

In Hong Kong, most of the restaurants would add a 10% service charge. On top of that, it is customary to leave a tip of about 5%. But in fast food shops or "cha chaan teng" (HK style cafes), where you pay the bill at the cashier, no tipping is necessary.

September 9, 2016

@Sid1995 Please speak for yourself!

I would feel ashamed not tipping.

And if I invite out friends or family in a restaurant and have a bill of lets say a 300 - 400 EUR, I personally would feel very much ashamed to tip 2-3 EUR.

I also know from close friends, that the tip is still considered a part of the income. My friends work in hospitality and with the tip, they are able to safe a bit for the low season, when they have less hours. 

BTW: It might also be a difference in future service, when you are known as a good tipper!

September 9, 2016
I usually tip around 5 - 10% depending on the quality of the service. In Germany you tip in restaurants, bars, taxis and the hair-dresser. 
September 8, 2016
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