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Correct but strange (1) : "according to me"

"According to" is used to introduce the source of a fact or opinion. For example: 

"According to the BBC weather forecast, it is likely to rain tomorrow in East London."

Below is a grammatically correct but strange use of "according to": 

"According to me, West Ham United is the best football team in England."

Clearly, supporters of other teams will not agree!  But it is my opinion and I have the right to it.  However, the use of "according to me" always sounds strange.  To explain why, this would be a possible response:

"According to you, eh?  Have you suddenly become an expert on football then? Perhaps you should get a job as a football commentator!"

This is an ironic response which suggests that the speaker was a little arrogant, and that he takes his own opinion a bit too seriously.

So, "according to" is good with any source except yourself ("me").  Can anyone think of some common alternatives to use in speech and/or writing?

Sep 8, 2016 6:24 PM
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Thanks again for the comments.

EG = "as far as I am concerned" often introduces a rebuttal or firm conclusion.  If we continue my story, an Arsenal supporter might say: 

"As far as I am concerned, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that West Ham are the best football team at the moment."

Sudeep: don't worry about it too much.  In my experience, native speakers just don't say "according to me", for the reasons I mentioned.  

"as per my knowledge is concern" is not right.  But these are good suggestions from Sudeep:

"In my view", and 

"As far as I know" (not "so")

September 8, 2016
Good options from E. Geek!
The way I see it, Mr Chambers (signore Camere), "secondo me" is a translation from Italian.
Traduttore è traditore.
September 8, 2016
Thanks, Michael! How about this one: "as far as I am concerned..."?
September 8, 2016
Thank you EnglishGeek.  "as for me" is perfect when you have explained another view/other views and then you want to introduce your own.  Beware a little, because Russian speakers often use it more widely, in my experience.
September 8, 2016
As for me...
September 8, 2016
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