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Moslem Salehi
I need your help with essay writing in English, pleaseee

Hi every one

I have to prepare an English essay about groundwater resources this week but I am not fluent in it :( does any one could help me??? I just need someone to correct my text!!  I never forget your kindness. I can be a full-time partner for Persian practicing.

This is a part of my essay:

Scientist’s concerns about environmental issues in particular about water pollution have incremented along with an increase in urban, agricultural, and industrial activities. Evaluation of groundwater quality accomplish by various chemical and physical parameters which the most common index, called the Water Quality Index (WQI). Quality of water resources is affected by a wide range of natural and human influences and for as much as attainment of water resources sustainable development requires having water quality conditions, therefore, determination of chemical conditions is more accommodative (suitable) method for evaluation of groundwater quality. Chemical composition of water resources has direct effect on human health, and thus measurement of WQI has attracted great deal of interest.

8 sept. 2016 21:34
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