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What is your dream? Mine is an interpreter. I want you guys to share your dream and strengthen my motivation for dream :) 
9 set 2016 11:51
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My ultimate dream is when I go to a restaurant and don't have to think about the price.
9 settembre 2016
my dream is to open my own software company .
9 settembre 2016
- "what to do next" -- now I understand you.

In fact, life is problem after problem for ever.

Some people think that, obtaining some sort of "mystic illumination" they will get "the Solution to any problem". 

No, Illumination is when you can see data "as they are" and solve your problems. 

Solving problem is Transformation.

Everything changes -- and, according to Termodynamics -- if you want to see "what's the next step" you just have to concentrate on your problem and transform it into a "solution"; and finally apply it and see if it works. If not, back to step 1. 

So -> What's next? 

The term "Serendipity" in Science means, when you are searching for a certain Solution but you find "something else" which instead, solves another problem.

Unfortunately we have to agree that "randomness" is much more a Rule than an ecception: in fact, how can you search for a solution that you already pretend to know? 

How can you see the "noticeable" if you are blind ?

Then, "Transformation" means: the Solution of a problem is not necessarily something which is apparently implied by the nature of that problem.

It may happen, a student finally realizes that he wants to become an Engineer.
An engineer finally realizes he would better open a swimming pool.
A painter realizes a new technique.

Illumination always changes your life -- sometimes a little, sometimes too much. 

But sometimes we already have a (ir)rational Ambition and we do not accept to change so much.

So will you accept the Winged Genius and the message of God? 

This is the challenge.
9 settembre 2016
Excuse me, I forgot to add: I am an artist and I am very happy when I am inspired.
9 settembre 2016
  • Andrea PT I have never thought that. But yes, I have no idea what to do next after i achieved the goal. Life is kind of difficult..
9 settembre 2016
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