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is tehraani persian the standard for the persian language? It is often the case in many countries that the way the language is spoken in the capital by educated people is used in the media and establishes itself as a common standard language. On the other hand there is also a tehraani informal way to speak. Is there a common perception on what is standard Persian? What are the characteristics of the tehraani accent?
Sep 9, 2016 8:30 PM
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I can't speak about Persian, but I can tell you the situation with Chinese: "Standard Chinese" is based on the Beijing-Tianjin accent. However, both cities definitely have regional accents which are quite strong.

My favourite Iranian rapper اشکان فدایی has a very strong Tehrani accent. He sounds more gangsta than Rumi to me!

September 10, 2016
I don't know what you mean by the "Tehrani Persian", but there's an accent which the native Tehrani people speak and it's definitely not the standard Farsi accent. Anyway, you can hear the standard Farsi accent on TV for example, by listening to the newsreaders.
September 10, 2016

Well, the short answer is yes it is.

Let me explain in more detail. Due to its socio-political status, Tehrani accent is considered the standard variation of Iranian Persian/Farsi. Persian spoken in Tajikistan and Afghanistan have their own standard versions.

You might ask what is Tehrani Persian. Well, it is next to impossible to find someone in Tehran who is originally from Tehran. Most of the population in the city have immigrated from other cities to the capital or at best they are the second or third generation immigrants. As a result, the prevalent accent in Tehran is an amalgamation of different Iranian Persian accents leveled or neutralized into Tehrani Persian.

Hope the info helps.

September 14, 2016
The spoken form of Persian that is considered the standard today is sometimes referred to as the Tehrani accent, since it became widespread after Tehran became the capital. It's what you hear in the national media, and most educated Iranians can speak it while having their own regional accents as well. What is considered a Tehrani accent today is noticeably different though.
September 13, 2016
I think tehrany accent is standard for irany  farsi . such as NewYork accent for America english. because for formal speak such news and movie we usually heard Tehrany accent.
September 13, 2016
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