Age is a very personal secret and privacy. Isn't it?

Why did many Americans ask me "how old are you"? Especially males

Sep 10, 2016 3:09 AM
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It's sometimes okay to ask people their age. If someone is young, like less than thirty, it's usually fine. Or if you know them. I don't usually ask 30+ year olds unless I know them, because some of them are sensitive about their age, but I wouldn't say it's very personal or a secret. I am willing to tell anyone who asks. 

That said, it's a little weird to ask a stranger. And it's true that sometimes when a man asks a young woman her age, it's because he wants to know if it's legal for him to have sex with her. But other times the person asking is just curious or trying to make small talk. If it makes you uncomfortable, you can say so. Most people will respect your boundaries, and you dont need to talk to the people who don't. 

September 10, 2016
A person's age is interesting to me, and my own is certainly not secret in any way. I think some people hate to give out their true age because it makes them feel old or something, but I find this to be pretty silly. Americans like to make small talk, and to get to know people better, so expect to be asked this a lot. You don't have to tell them though, just say that you'd rather not tell.
September 10, 2016
I'm always interested in person's age, because i think it's a significant part of their personality. Nevertheless i almost never ask them directly, since i know that it's considered rude. But for me there is nothing wrong to tell them my age. Any way, it won't make me older only because i tell how old i am. It would have been ridiculous!
Personally i find it inconvenient to talk to somebody over the internet when they don't provide any information about themselves, including age. It can also be a sign that a person is reserved and not easy to talk to.
September 10, 2016
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