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Le ^_^
Will you reply " You are welcome " after other people say " Thank you " I 've found that some people complain that there are many people neglect to  say " thank you " when they  receive help in revising the compositions or answering the questions on this website . Yes, that is right thing to say " thanks " when you receive help from others.  Also , do you think it is better to reply some expressions like " you' re welcome " after you receive "Thanks"/
Sep 10, 2016 7:13 AM
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In speech yes perhaps I'd use "you are welcome" but pronounced something like "yo oel cum" in one word. In text on iTalki, no, I don't bother to write back and say "you are welcome",  that's unnecessary. 
September 10, 2016

That's a great question. I agree with Eva that in text it's unnecessary, unless you have something extra to say.

In speech, I feel that "you're welcome" is rather formal. Here are some variations on replying to thank you:


You're welcome

[It was] my pleasure



No worries

No problem

All good

Note that in English "thank you" is always necessary when talking to someone you don't know well, even for tiny favours, eg. passing the salt at the dinner table.

However in this instance you don't need to say anything. Personally, if I thanked someone for passing the salt and they replied "You're welcome" it would feel strange, as such a minor act doesn't require such a formal reply.

September 10, 2016

Contract it to 'you're welcome' if you're going to say it. It's really quite rare for native speakers to use the full form.

No I don't think it's a must but it's a nice thing to do.

September 10, 2016
Le ^_^
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