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Romance of the Three Kingdoms

I'm interested in film versions of this novel:

It looks like it's available as animated cartoons or a TV series, and a film

Has anyone seen this, can it be recommended, is it it useful for learning Mandarin?

Sep 10, 2016 9:46 AM
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Hi Bergmann,

I think the first and the third one are the same because they were both directed by Fulin Wang. But the third one would be great since it has multi subtitles including Mandarin, while the first one doesn't have Mandarin subtitle. 

The picture quality on the new edition(2010) of the three kingdoms is better than on the old edition(1994).

Here're the links. You can visit them and see the quality and special effects.

**1994 TV series,

**2010 TV series,

**film Red Cliff( this is what Joshua Nelsen mentioned)

September 12, 2016
If you want you can get Red Cliff, it only covers the events leading up to the battle of Chi Bi and primarily pits Zhou Yu against Cao Cao. There is actually a lot of content about different parts of the San Guo era.
September 10, 2016

The film or the TV series is much more understandable and easier than the novel.

There're some differences below.

*The novel was written in Vernacular Chinese plus the usage words are different in modern time. Vernacular Chinese is based on spoken Mandarin Chinese but follow the conventional written standard.

*The TV series (directed by Wang Fulin, in 1994) was basically in Vernacular Chinese, another one(directed by Gao Xixi, in 2010) was basically in Modern Chinese. The 1994 came more close to the novel than the 2010 one and is preferable to most Chinese. The number of episode was over 80.

*There're some films about the three Kingdom. But I have no idea which one you would like to watch. In one film, the actor lines were largely in Modern Chinese and partly in Vernacular Chinese. The film deleted some certain passages of the novel and was about 5 hours in length.

*So far I know nothing about the animated cartoons. 

That's all I know. In conclusion, for Chinese beginner, it's not a good way to learn Mandarin by reading novel.  

I recommend the movie/TV series one to you. The film would be the easiest. You mighty came across difficulty in some phrases and words, but still it's worth watching the film/TV series.  

September 10, 2016

Thanks so much! They all look quite difficult, and epic lengths of time, something for the winter evenings when they arrive..

September 12, 2016
September 12, 2016
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