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Can you live without using smart phones or using internet? I spent 40 day before didn't using phone or connection to internet I felt comfortable for dealing with people in real life [emoji][emoji]
Sep 10, 2016 10:22 AM
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I don't think I could.

Even if I did, I wouldn't choose to live like that, because of all the things I can do with  smartphone and, above all, the internet.

Without them, I would have to:

- talk to the phone while I'm driving

- call people during their working or sleeping hours for something that can be solved with a message

- write traditional letters to customers (and wait for weeks) instead of sending emails

- wait for the printed versions of official announcements (and waste valuable time) instead of going to the official website 

- go to bus-stops early and wait for a long time, instead of looking at tables online.

- guess the weather and carry/ not carry an umbrella

- lose half of my professional opportunities, which don't exist  outside the internet

- stop lifelong learning, because it is a torture without internet

- rely on local stores for goods and hope they have variety and good prices

- stop a lot of activities that I am doing online and/or on a smartphone(e.g. watching foreign television, reading e-books, listening to music)

- spend a lot on communications instead of using free messaging options.

I'm sure there are dozens more things that I would miss, but  I think the above are enough to make my point

September 10, 2016
I can live without smartphone but it is very difficult for me to live without the internet. I think, I've addicted to the internet however it is good idea spend several days away from these kind of electronic devices. 
September 10, 2016
I might make it without my phone (for a certain time) but I'm always having to google something so I'm not sure if I'd make it without some sort of internet connection :|
September 10, 2016
Good job. When I was a sophomore, I managed to live without cellphone and computer for one week as both of them were broken at the same time. I don't really need a smartphone but a computer for me is a must, I think. It's so hard to live away from digital life. However, sometimes when you are traveling, it can bring you some peace.
September 10, 2016
I couldn't as I need both to do my job. 
September 10, 2016
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