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Katherine Velliquett
Professional Teacher
Language App or Online Conversations?

There are thousands of language apps out there to help one learn another language. Between these language apps and having conversations with a native speaker of the target language, which do you find to be most effective and why? Do you feel they are equally helpful, or is one better than the other?

Sep 10, 2016 11:51 AM
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HI I use Memrise every day and I use still Duolingo. I think that Duolingo is great for starting. The Memrise has a lot of courses for learning English in my native language. I use both but speaking is the most important.
November 11, 2017
Has anyone heard of the language app called Memrise? What are your opinions on it? How has it helped you?
November 11, 2017
I have found that a language app has been great for me, a beginner in learning Spanish. It's giving me the vocabulary base I need in order to start feeling comfortable with using the language.
October 30, 2017

well i am apoor guy so i choose free apps i like it's my favorite and there are nice  apps in facebook there is paltalk also it's well organized

September 11, 2016
Nothing beats actual conversational practice with a native. I usually use language apps to revise what I already learnt during my online courses, as well as to build up my vocabulary. Also a handy 'language app' would be a dictionary app with voice and translator functions so you can translate words and hear how they are pronounced. 
September 11, 2016
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