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Language Tests and Speaking a Foreign Language in General

There are language tests to determine where you are in a language, if you're fluent, in between, or really can't speak that language. Do you think that these tests truly determine as to rather or not you can or cannot speak a foreign language? For me personally I don't think your language abilities should be entirely based on scores from tests but they should be more based on if you personally feel comfortable speaking that language and if you feel that you can understand that language pretty well, as well as replying in that language. For instance I have no problem speaking English when I need to speak it but there are times I mix up sentences just a bit because I'm used to how we speak in German and our sentence structures, but an English test might refer to my mistakes as "not perfect English" or "needs work" or something, so does this mean that I need to improve my English based on what this test says even though I have had many people tell me that my English isn't bad and they didn't have trouble understanding my English? Do you get what I mean? do you think these language tests are the only way to determine our ability to speak a foreign language? or are you like me and think that we should go by more our gut feeling when it comes to speaking a foreign language rather than a test that says "if you score here you're fluent, if you score here you're not very good"?

My other question is do you think you have to be fluent or "perfect" in another language in order to speak it? or do you think making mistakes is ok as long as the person you are speaking to can understand what you mean?

Sep 12, 2016 6:36 PM
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