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Based on these Chinese idioms,what values can be discovered ? Based on some Chinese idioms, such as “The outstanding usually bears the brunt of attack”, “Wind damages the flourishing trees in the forest or an outstanding person or a person in a high position is liable to be attacked”, “One takes the behavior of one‘s company”, and “One who lives in the bad environment can still keep noble instead of being influenced”, what values can be discovered?
Sep 13, 2016 8:59 AM
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Actually, these are some sayings which reflect human behaviour according to the situation,place and time.

If I will generalise all in one sentence then it will be like-A audacious person always stand still at the time of adverse condition, an evil-minded person always tries to destroy or exterminate people of good-natured by jinxing on them, and a people belong to a higher and honourable post often have to bear the jealous shot or any kind of false statement from some fringe element in the society, some try to become like their company or friends due to the behavior they possess feels cool to them and go in a wrong path but sometimes being in a wrong company some people never forget to act like their very nature and also make others like him by the fragrance he spreads.

September 13, 2016
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