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Max Ferreira
Where to find happiness?

Hello everyone. I believe that people always are searching forms of find the happiness, everyone of her form. However, what is the happiness for you?

Your opinion are very important.

2016년 9월 13일 오후 2:23
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Hello, Max! Looking for a happiness? Make someone else happy and you'll find it. Its close. Its inside your own self, Max...
2016년 9월 13일
happiness is when I am full  - 3-
2016년 9월 13일
Happiness is the feeling of complete peace. Mind, body, soul and spirit.
2016년 9월 14일

Greeting, Max.

To me happiness is a five-pillar tower:

 - Have Jesus in your soul;

 - Be close to those who love ya;

 - Have in peace of mind;

 - Find satisfaction: in work, marriage, family and personnal;

 - Be yourself and be glad with yourself (oh, but don't be proudy), 

   'cause God made ya, haven't He?

The search for happiness is the major purpose to human life

and why not say it's everyday thang? But let Lord guide ya and

all gonna be alright.

Hugs, mate.

By the way: it's good to have a fellow Brazilian in this part of site.

2016년 9월 13일
The Kingdom of happiness is within and in the present.
2016년 9월 13일
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