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Questions between age and grade , age and score . What is your opinion about those things?

How old when you began to study in primary and how old when you finish you bachelor degree or higher degree? 

Some people think when you finish studying in school , the younger the better , which testifies your strength and you are more competitive.  

How do you feel if u are the youngest one  or the oldest one in you class ?   Do you mind you are the students with big differences age with other students ? 

 And are the older students the top students or the younger students often get high scores  ?

what do you think about the age and grade, age and scores ?  

Sep 14, 2016 5:33 AM
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I joined elementary school at the age of 7 and I will graduate my bachelor at the age of 22. I think that's the normal age range for starting & finishing the study. I have no issue with gradi/scores, because I think 'different student, different smart'. Students' ability can't always be measured in school and I guess most formal schools stress the importance of science excellencies above all, while not all students' skills are concentrated on it. There are art, creativity, and sportmanship that's difficult to be measured in score. And I think score is not everything to project our future. Even many great people are the drop-outs, right? Like Steve Jobs and Einstein to name some. Our future is built by our tireless effort and the art of survivability. :-)

That's all I can share from my point of view. As for you, what do you think?

September 14, 2016
Le ^_^
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