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張晅禎 Stella Chang
a italian group on Line (a chat app)

Hello everyone, I'm going to create an Italian group on Line (chat app). now I'm living in italy, and I have some italian friends, they are all very nice people and native speakers to help everyone, It's a totally free chat, but everyone speaks the language of the group. If you're intrested, download LINE in your telephone and add my account : stella1990311 Then send me a message : I want to join italian group Welcome native speakers too! Let's LINE together

Sep 14, 2016 10:10 AM
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Hello Bhomit kappor, 
nice idea!i thought about it too! But i want create a LINE group first because is considered time different, and my idea is talking daily things on a LINE group, so theoretically is for beginner and who want all the time have a language environment.
I'm a taiwanese but i start learn italian by typing with friends, 
so i could use grammatica immediately that i just learnt from my language teacher,  
and by use 5 times then i never forget that grammatical more. and if i have any confuse with language i could suddenly have helper.
 My mother language is chinese, is totally different from italian, but after one year every italian say that i speak italian quite well.
its all starts by my opera singer dream, now I'm living in italy studying and working, 
and hope my experience could inspire you too!
sorry if my english is not enough good (its another story)
if you are agree my idea welcome to join our group! :)
September 14, 2016

Why don't you create a skype group !! It 'll  be more beneficial

September 14, 2016
張晅禎 Stella Chang
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