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educational problem Why do you think the problem of bullying and suicide has not been decreased?
Sep 14, 2016 12:40 PM
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The problem is that everyone is concerned about helping the bullied, but they did nothing wrong they don't have a problem. People should be concerned about helping the bully. Cause, you know, i've seen a documentary about bullyng recorded in south corea, i just refuse to believe that people do this sort of thing just cause they want it, something is happening to them and is making them behave like this.

What i'm trying to say is, that when someone is menaced in school they're forced to move to another school, they're treat like if he was the problem, but as a matter of fact the bully has a problem.

September 15, 2016

We live in a world where comfort matters. No one willing to help or stand up for anyone else. Getting involved would, well, make them get involved.

Today's society has the mindset of "someone else will help them",  "just ignore it" or "I am glad that isn't me".  But, who is this "Someone else", if it is not you or me? How many times have you seen people standing around and watching someone get hurt without saying a word or calling for help? 

Sometimes, there are dangerous situations and physically intervening is extremly hazardous, so what can you do? Your voice works. Why not yell and tell that person to stop or shout out for help? 

We allow people to pick on others and laugh it off, by minimizing the situation by saying that bully was "playing", "it was joke", "they don't mean anything by it," or "just lighten up and learn to take a joke".  Doing those things lets the bully know that their actions are ok and unfortunately in the same step, it is telling the victim that they do not matter. This is why bullying will not end.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" - Edmund Burke

September 15, 2016
In my opinion we live in a society where kids are taught that they can do no wrong and are perfect no matter what, to only think of themselves and not others. Too much of this "me, me, me" thing in today's world, I personally think that's one of the reasons for all of violence in today's world, the whole "I only care about me and I'll stomp all over you to get what I want" attitude of today's generation has to play a part in all of this bullying and violence. I think if today's generation was taught to say sorry and admit it when they're wrong instead of being taught to always blame their actions on someone else that they would probably have more respect for people and wouldn't be such bullies, but of course these parents of today are being told that telling their child "no" could deeply damage their self esteem which is total bullshit, telling your child "no" from time to time teaches them respect. I have also noticed that when an act of bullying occurs that people go to the bully and ask them why they did what they did, asked them if was the result of a bad childhood or whatever and spend too much time questioning the bully instead of going to the victim and asking them what happened and letting them give their side of the story. I also think always assuming the reasoning for bullying is the result of a bad childhood isn't doing any favours either, there's people that don't have bad childhoods and still turn out to be bullies with no respect for other humans most likely because they were never told no. Too much justification and not enough ass kicking in my opinion, people today always try to find some way to justify everything even the most curel things that can't be justified they'll try to justify it, so if less of this justifying stuff happened and more penalties were given maybe there'd be less bullying. I could go on for days about how screwed this generation is but one thing for sure is kids today need to be taught respect and manners again.
September 15, 2016

because society becomes unfair with every passing day. rich and authorized one always bully poor weak one. so who have much money, they have everything and the contrary. so weak people always dissatisfied with their life and society. lead them to suicide. 

September 15, 2016

A lot of time there is problem in the bully's life that created them into the torment that they have become. People with little power will exert it anywhere they can. And the problem might not be that their family is disfunctional, but they were bullied and so now they do the same thing and the cycle continues, but that is no excuse to not help some who cannot help themselves.

If someone helped the bully when they were the victim, then they wouldn't have become one. The cycle contiues. 

And sometimes, the bully just wants to be a bully. 

September 15, 2016
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