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i need help

hy, i'm doing a presentation in my spanish class about the history and reality of  corruption in america latina. if someone have any idea i would be glad . 

ps: i'm writing in english because my spanish is horrible :p ) 

Sep 14, 2016 6:34 PM
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Hola Chloe, voy a tratar de ayudarte y espero entiendas lo que voy a decir.


Los problemas de corrupción en America Latina llevan más de 50 años. Es difícil decir con exactitud una fecha exacta, pero prácticamente cada país en latinoamérica tiene sus propios problemas de corrupción.

Existen una gran cantidad de factores que llevan a que la corrupción no se acabe, pero podría decir que hay 3 factores principales que ayudan a esto.

1) Las personas que deciden dedicarse a la política, tienen muy en claro que lo hacen por sacar beneficios personales pero no por ayudar al país y a sus ciudadanos.

2) La falta de educación y la extrema pobreza de algunos países hace que la gente sin conocimiento y sin recursos económicos regale su voto por algún candidato a cambio de falsas promesas y es por eso que siempre a lo largo de los años son las mismas familias y los mismos candidatos los que siempre están en los cargos públicos. Los nuevos políticos con nuevas ideas y dispuestos a limpiar a los gobiernos de tanta corrupción se quedan estancados y no son elegidos o no llegan a cargos importantes para poner en desarrollo sus proyectos.

3) No hay una penalización ejemplar para las personas culpables por cargos de corrupción. Si una persona es atrapada y declarada culpable, no le van a dar una sentencia fuerte, en poco tiempo queda libre y llena de mucho dinero, todo esto gracias a que todo el sistema penal y de gobierno está podrido de tanta corrupción.

Chloe, If you think this little explanation could help you, I can give you many examples of corruption here in Colombia. I hope I was helpfull.

September 14, 2016

@Santiago Ivan,

I try to keep an open mind and I also was taught about the Elitist theory of government many years ago in college. The idea that a small group of very rich around the world manipulate the world and also use the U.S. government for cover is not a new idea to me.  I tried to search Google for any information that might shed more light on your comments about the U.S. government having a budget for election control.  Searching for the term ¨U.S. budget foreign elections¨ did not lead me to anything I found helpful, other than one article about ¨election supervision¨ in the 1920´s.

I eventually found this site, but still do not see much to back up your theory.

I thought perhaps it was hidden under ¨foreign aid¨ but this site suggests Latin America is really not the area that gets much of that:

Can you give me any references or have ideas about what part of the budget such money might be hidden in?

September 29, 2016
Well I lived in Ecuador for a short 3 months, and the people there HATE the government.  They've had one bad president after another!  The last president stole quite a large sum of money before fleeing.  He's still alive in another country and cannot go back to Ecuador or he'd be arrested.  Unfortunately the money he stole greatly impacted the economy of Ecuador, which had already been on the down-slide when this happened, but it made things much much worse.  Another fact, cops consistently make false charges so that the victim will pay them off.  A taxi driver of one of the other students was stopped for a false charge and the taxi driver had to pay off the police officer.  And unfortunately these problems are not limited to Ecuador.  Compared to other Latin American countries, Ecuador is doing quite well (even though it's extremely impoverished).  The problems in government tie into the economy and because of this there is no funds for things such as education.  Hope this gave you some ideas, I realize it's not a lot.    
September 14, 2016


Hi Susan.

That information of course has been banned from internet.

of course is not like you will find it on google,  and with all the details. 

they begin overthrowing chilenean president. Salvador Allende with the cia.   performing and inside job that end up killing him.

here i let some videos didnt have the chance to watch them all completly, but the internet is full with this kind of videos with real prooves.

of course if you begin typing " latin america buy election budget"  you'll hardly find anything, and less in english.

October 1, 2016
hello, we can chat and help each other?
September 27, 2016
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