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How could I study English with a right way Hello,everybody! Now I was studying English .I spend four hours learning English . Could you tell me how I spend these four hours every day ?
15 сент. 2016 г., 0:13
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I would spend it exactly how you would spend your time in your native language! Find novels in English that you want to read, and there is an infinite amount of English-speaking TV series! Just read and watch TV (and pick stuff that you LIKE and actually want to read and watch).

Build up your comprehension, and if you focus on enjoying the input that you choose, you arent even aware of time!

Have fun!


15 сентября 2016 г.

Hello,everybody! I just finished studying English for today. During This practice session, I spent four hours learning English . Can  you tell me how I should spend these 4 hours would be  spend these four hours when I am practicing every day?

Hey there!

I really like how you are trying to learn and practice english, and I give you a round of applause for that! :D above are the changes I would make as an American Speaker, (note, it would be almost or exactly the same as Rohan's corrections)  practice is the best way to do it and to start making it sound natural to you. while I got the message you are getting across, I would recommend you actually read it out. As you can see, even I crossed out things that I wrote. There's more I would like to say, but... there's limits to word count

hope this works for you and stay awesome! :)


15 сентября 2016 г.

Hello, everybody! I just finished studying English for today. Everyday I spend four hours learning English. Could you tell me how to spend these four hours daily?

Hi! It seems as if you have the correct idea of what you are trying to say, but I would suggest for you to work on your grammar and sentence structure. Also, a larger vocabulary would help.

By the way, daily has the same meaning as everyday. It is a synonym.

Good Luck :)

15 сентября 2016 г.
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