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The future progressive tense

I've been studying a little bit about the future progressive tense here, and I have a simple doubt: why?

I found five uses of the future progressive. And most of them feel like they could be replaced by another verb tense, wich would express the intention better. Like...

1. Inevitable future - Everyone will be eating hamburgers.
Okay, but what is the difference from "everyone will eat hamburgers"?

2. Future event as a result of a previous plan - The band will be performing on the stage.
Why not "the band will perform on the stage"?

3. Guesses of the present - I think they will be having lunch now.
Isn't it better if you say "i think they are having lunch now"?

4. Polite questions about plans - Will you be staying with us?
I think the key here is in the polite part... But saying "will you stay with us?" sounds perfectly fine too. Less polite, I agree, but fine.

5. Events interrupted on the future - I will be sleeping by the time you arrive.
This is the only use that I really find perfectly clear. I can't substitute it for anything else, if I want to mantain the meaning.

What can you tell me? Is this really it? Is the future progressive such a redundt tense as I imagine it?

Sep 15, 2016 2:01 PM
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"I'll be waiting on your coments" or "I will wait for your comments".
September 15, 2016
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