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Le ^_^
What urges you persist in doing those things that makes you fell hard to go on and almost want to give up ? Many times the things can not be smoothly developed as we expect . A lot of factors will be trying to prevent us keeping on  what we are doing , what we are persisting in . When you almost give up , what urges you to keep it going and finally get the destination ? 
Sep 15, 2016 2:17 PM
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I guess if you estimate that cannot be made on your schedule or you don't think you can overcome, you would probably give it up. Of course, it also matters if you have enough stamina and momentum to conquer, but I would have to say that not everything can be overcome even you are determined to do it. 
September 16, 2016

Haha what an amazing question, in my case there are two things:


Sometimes when we are working on something things get too exhausting, take too much energy making us wanting to give up. I hate quitting so if I am still doing something like that, one of these two is on the way.


September 16, 2016
Le ^_^
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