Should You Have to Learn Language of Country You Live In Hello, I was wondering how many people think that if you move to a new country if you should have to learn the language at some point? I don't think you should have to learn right away but if you've been living there 10 years don't you think it's a good idea to try to learn at least some of the language of that country?
Sep 15, 2016 2:56 PM
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Just a side note: don't be too quick to talk about "the" language of a country. The United States has no official language; obviously English is the predominant language, but there are more Spanish speakers in the United States than there are in Spain. Canada has two official languages, English and French.  
September 15, 2016
I think you should and I have, each time, but many people don't because "they can live without it" and either "they don't have time" or "they are just not good at languages". Also, keep in mind that many people who claim they don't speak the language, or you've never heard them speak so you assume they don't, actually can, but they are just not comfortable speaking so they refuse to speak when not absolutely necessary. I was like that with French because I thought my pronunciation was really bad and what were the people going to think. Indeed, my pronunciation was far from perfect, and again, it is true that French natives are generally not very forgiving towards people mutilating their beautiful language. So the attitude and support of native speakers is also an important factor.
September 15, 2016
<p>Imagine this situation. For whatever reason, a young family comes to live in Germany.  The parents are unskilled workers and none of them speak German. The parents have to work immediately and raise the children. So they accept jobs where the mastery of the German language isn't required. They live in areas close to their countrymen who provide further support and continue to speak their language.  The children attend school, master German and become their parents interpreter.</p><p>Raising children, paying bills, sending money to relatives and dealing with issues related to their new country etc etc etc. I ask this question. At what point do they stop and really learn German in order to function in German society?  Is the system at fault or these parents or both?</p><p>You see Sid1995, you are looking at it from your life experiences and not from the experience of these people.  In an ideal world, people should learn the language but..........</p><p>Dan Smith raises a further point. Quite a few countries, especially former colonies, have a multitude of different languages. Which one do you pick?
September 16, 2016
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