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Should I learn Swiss German or High German for Rheinfelden? Resources for learning Swiss German?

I am wondering where I should learn Swiss German or High German as I will be spending some time in Rheinfelden, Switzerland however it's situated really close to Germany so I wonder if people living there speak High German instead. I am only staying in that area for the time being and I really want to learn the language that would natural for the speakers there. 

Does anyone know any resources for learning German or Swiss German would be highly appreciated. 

Sep 15, 2016 4:14 PM
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Rheinfelden is actually a divided city since the 19th century, when the left bank of the river Rhine became a part of Switzerland by Napoleon's decision. So you will find a German part where people speak High or Standard German and a Swiss part where they speak the Swiss German dialect of Basel.

Online resources of any dialect of Swiss German are very limited and you need to know High German to access them. Remember that these dialects are not an official language in Switzerland, that children here learn High German at school and that no "serious" books or newspapers written in any dialect exist.

For the Basel dialect - spoken in Rheinfelden - I found this: but as I said, High German is required to understand the content of this page. Best regards!

September 15, 2016

Hi Sarah,

I do not know exactly what the people in Rheinfelden speak, so I hope someone else can tell you more about that. However, I am living in the German speaking part of Switzerland, and German is not my mother tongue, so I do have experience with that situation. I think it is important to first learn some standard German. All written communication is in standard German and people understand it if you speak standard German. If you already have some basic level of German, then you can consider focusing on Swiss German. (actually, I recommend doing that. It is fun and people appreciate your efforts.) There are actually courses in Swiss German, for example at the Migros Klubschule and at the University of Zürich. I studied a book called "Züritüütsch Schweizerdeutsch. Ein Lehrmittel für Fremdsprachige". Please note that this book focuses on the Swiss German spoken in the canton of Zürich, although I think it helped me greatly in understanding most Swiss German speakers. Good luck in Rheinfelden!

September 15, 2016

Hello i think its better and easier for you to start with Hight german .

September 15, 2016
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