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Help! learning English for Arabic native tongue :)


i'm an egyptian and i'm looking for rising in my english language  level . i would like to find someone to speak english with. i can teaching arabic as well. i work as a freelaner graphic designer .if someone wants to speak with me contacts me

Sep 15, 2016 6:45 PM
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If you sign up for a trial lesson, then we can talk. Unfortunately, it's difficult to find a language partner to speak with you in English, unless you are learning, Spanish, French, Portuguese, etc. 

Hope to speak with you soon


September 15, 2016
there were a lot of Arabic learners here. but they are at most females and prefer a female teacher ^_^

September 15, 2016
thank u dude, If i have few thousand dollars, i will live as a King here LOL, try it with anther one
September 15, 2016
i can take you there (illegally) for a few thousand dollars. 
September 15, 2016
i think the White House is too far LOL ^_^
September 15, 2016
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