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If you could change one thing about your past, what would it be?
2016年9月16日 08:50
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Don't dwell on the past.  Nothing you can do about it, but learn from it.  Look towards the future and enjoy life.
I wouldn't change nothing. If there were mistakes, they obviously taught me something, so it is all very useful.

I'd push myself to do more things.

I regret the things I did not do more than the things I did that I probably should not have. Nowadays, I do push myself to do things that make me nervous or scared or make me wonder what people will think about me if I did do that. Turns out, everyone is minding their own business, thinking the same thing.

 Then again, hindsight is a beautiful thing.


Hi, past is for Future -- not Future for past.


I wouldn't escape the English Classes, when I was a boy. 

If I had the same  dedication maybe today I would be fluent.

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