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Yes then.....No
Yes sure then ..... No many of us in this web side try to find someone to exchange language with and when they decide to contact one of them say sorry I can not or did not reply at all everyone has reasons some of it personal "like me" and some can be shared if you have some reasons can be shared please share it with us but at first I want to apologies to the girl I said Yes to her and then No.
Sep 16, 2016 10:35 AM
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I've said no after initially offering someone my help learning German. The reason was that the other person didn't speak a language I was interested in (at the time, French or Italian). I felt that I needed to focus on my own language learning, too, and wasn't getting anything out of the conversations. So I stopped replying.

What I've also found is that, at the beginning, I collected many skype names from people who said they wanted to talk; but then we never spoke again. So I changed my strategy: I told people straight away what I wanted (i.e., 1 hour of conversation every week) and asked to set a time immediately. That worked because those people who weren't committed to learning usually didn't reply again and only those who were serious did. Some people want to speak "spontaneously" but, in my experience, that doesn't work.

September 16, 2016
Thank you for sharing your idea on this Alaa.  It is true that it is often difficult or there are unknown reasons why a language exchange may not work. As a teacher, of course I notice there are more 'friends' out there than 'students'.  For me sometimes... I need to save my teaching time for teaching.   Sometimes I get excited to have a new 'friend' but later realize that I don't have time to exchange.   I agree with you that we all should let our 'friends' know if we can't do a language exchange with them after we have agreed on something.   It is the polite way to handle it for sure.   Thanks! 
September 16, 2016
Thank you Melanie I liked your strategy mabye I will try it.
September 16, 2016
Thank you Dena I agree with you, saving your teaching time for teaching is more important and helpful for you and for your students.
September 16, 2016
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