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日本語で喋ろう!!! Hi! Is there anyone who wants to chat in Japanese in WhatsApp (or Skype or e-mail)? I know the basics but I need practice. In exchange I can help with English or Finnish as I'm fluent in both.
16 wrz 2016 18:13
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Hi! I'm Yuki  japanese!! i want to chat with you in japanese.becouse I am native japanese speaker,I can speak japanese:)

but, I cant speak english well. if you teach me english convasation,I'm so happy ;)

22 września 2016
Hi there, I've also been learning the language for a while but haven't realy had the chance to put the theory into use. I'd love to join if you're still up to it.
18 września 2016
Hey there, I'd be happy to chat with you from time to time in Japanese if you'd like? I'm decent like at Japanese and I've been where you are so I know what it's like. Let me know! ^^
17 września 2016
I am am also learning japanese! Can I join?
28 grudnia 2016
Nice to meet you. You can call me Sam. I want to talk to you because I want to enhance my English speaking ability. 日本人ですがイギリスに今住んでいます。宜しくお願いします。
27 grudnia 2016
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