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ted alison
living in the earth as an alien (stranger)-1

imagine u are from other planet that u could shape yourself in any form and u have to live in the earth , u will chose which form ?

u could chose  the form of animals or trees or flowers , or humans , which form u would like to have ?


 I like these forms : an old tree in a far and calm forest , maybe a pine tree between white beautiful snow and other trees , or an oak tree which gives a home to a squirrel!

or in the shape of waves , the waves of an angry ocean which beats it's waves against big and strong rocks for thousands of years !

or in the shape of a glorious eagle !

u see , I like a lot of shapes , but non of them r human shape !

It sounds I'm a mistaken creature! :))


how about u ? what r the forms that u like ? 

Sep 16, 2016 8:46 PM
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Thanks EnglishGeek , Leyla and Ema for taking part in discussion.

EnglishGeek , could i ask u what r u or who r u in your mind ?Actually i'm interested too see someone satisfied from life and i'm curious to know how they think or live ?!

Leyla , i like that mysterious and maybe beautiful world , let us know and imagine a little more , create your world in a short sentences and let us look at it and  a little enjoy of it .

Could u please meet mine request light elf.

Thanks Ema , and yes , u r right , actually I like to experience a lot of forms too . and using of your power for right goals , such as peace , it could be amazing too , but sometimes I prefer even don't see them and live in a far far away place !!!! 

September 17, 2016

Hi Ted, congratulations it's really interesting discussion. 

If I'd be from another planet i think i would change lots of shapes!) Like a robot from "Terminator 2" :))) I'd learn human being changing different shapes and even I'd exist as wind or storm. I even could use my power to cut down wars and violence. . Actually it would be great!

September 17, 2016

Hello Ted Alison.

I would like to be light elf. If there were elfs in the world, I was definitely light elf in my past life. ( maybe moon elf) 

September 17, 2016

I would probably like to be the shape of Everest. Eternity and admiration would go along with me forever...

I am joking. I prefer being what I am and who I am now. 

September 17, 2016
ted alison
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