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for happy marriage

When i was young ,actually iam still young hahaha , i mean younger 2 years than my real age , i thought for prefect marriage it is important to marry someone who is in the same level and in a good position , after while i thought married couple who are rich and she is rich enough to be housewife , i thought leak of money may be reason for problems in marriage but after the couple divorced it was as drop abombshell , i found i have to change my plans , after one year full of seeing many relationships , i decided that it is important to marry man who know you , interested in your small details , i mean both have the same interests and i found couple matches with my plan , they were prefect , i remember i dreamed to marry this guy hahaha actually man taller than him but they divorced , i noticed after their marriage they were unhappy , all their craziness disappered , she told me he forget her birthday , it really hurts are right again i changed my plans i found for perfect marriage , marry someone who knows there will be problems actually disasters hahaha but he is mature enough to understand that could happen , he will swim with you until reach to the beach , love is important very important but can not be the only bridge you walk through or depend on in marriage bec feeling will change while years but make your husband or wife still respect you and keep saying he or she choosed right need effort not use social media in comparing your ife with others bec  they just post pics you do not know what is behind this photos , i have never seen wife wrote pn fb she has problems with his husband or he knows other woman , they always try to show the best as they are public figure hahaha , so it is fake really big fake and never compare your life with them you will life lifelong sadness if you keep trying ..

That is my point of view around marriage maybe i change it or agree it after months 

Sep 17, 2016 12:18 AM
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Hello Lilian.

I do not know is there " perfect marrige" in the world or not. Marrige is very difficult thing.Everyone wants to live comfort life. But only few people think if you will live without love, you will love as in the hell. With  love you wiil not give up. You will have a huge stimul. But how must or how can a man find his love? I think it is very very important to find a person who has twin soul (soulmate) with you.

September 17, 2016
Before talking about the happy marriage, let's define the marriage as an emotional, a social, a mental, a sexual, and the short way to begin a new life and get nice babies. Both the honesty, good understanding, and the forgiveness are the most important reflect how happy the marriage is. The good marriage partner should listen and understand before speak, and give before take. When the day begins with a simple smile, the marriage is expected to last for a long time. We should consider many difficulties in life which badly affect the way we live, but the honest, , and the simple relationship may support the marriage partners to overcome these difficulties as I think.      
September 17, 2016
The most happy marriage I can imagine or picture to myself would be the union of a deaf man to a blind woman. — S.T Coleridge

Finding a perfect guy doesn't literally makes one's marriage perfect. Marriage is about love, trust, compromise and understanding.
The passion and attraction between couples may lead them into marriage. However, if they can't get through the most difficult years of marriage,their marriage will fall in pieces.
September 17, 2016

In my view,marriage is a social assent to a couple and Love keeps the reciprocity between them.We generally define Love in one sentence or in one word like attraction between two opposite sex but it's not like that as Love is not a single emotion rather it is a confluence of many nice and constructive emotions. I think this statement may seem little ambiguous but it's how I think going a little deeper.

BTW,I've written a notebook entry on a topic called "Puppet in a string"--

and I don't want to repeat those sentences here so if you like then please have a look on it.And yes the song related to it sounds nice:)

Thank you:)

September 17, 2016

Something about Jack´s comment seemed similar to what Barbara Frederickson talks about in her book Love 2.0.  I tried to think how to summarize my idea from his comment but I could not.  However, you might find interesting her TED talk on love  TedxLowerEastSide; Barbara Fredrickson/ Remaking Love

September 17, 2016
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