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Hello everybody.

I would like to talk with you about such things like elections. I dont love a political things but now in Russia election campaign is coming and voting will start tomorrow. 

Also in USA election campaign is coming.

What do you think and what do you feel about elections? If Is it important for you and important in general?

Do you beleive your vote can change smh. in your country? Dont you have a sense that an election is a play of democracy and our votes dont have any influence. And all decision are made without our votes and opinions. 

Many last generations fought for the right to vote. But now elections make ambivalent feelings.

Tomorrow in Russia we have to choose parties for our parlament which  will create new rules and laws. But beforehand voting I know already which party will win and which party will get a major in parlament.

We have a lot of parties for voting. One main presidental party and other. I have a sense that other parties are kind of departaments of main presidental party which have a function to create a fiction of an opposition and democracy. I dont see any serious power to opposite the main presidetal party because "the burocracy machine" has a lot of power and can influence what parties can participate in elections and what parties cant.

What about you and your country?

How do you vote? In Russia voting is the right. I can vote but samely I can not vote. One person from Brasil said me that elections there are a mandatory. 

I invite everybody to discuss. I am interested your opinion and feelings.

Sep 17, 2016 7:45 AM
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well, lets start with the fact that there is no fair sistem to select a leader (or a group of liders) there is a matematical proof to this statment but I wont write it (read game theory if interested),yes i'm fun at parties.
That being said, democracy its what common sense tell us its the best we can do. But theres a trick,  democracy need some basic rules to be fair enough, aka to make sense. you dont have a real democracy there in Russia, cause other political parties are very restricted, the elections are just a farsade to keep the people under control, making them belive its their choice.
In my country the vote its mandatory, its actually a great idea, cause you cant buy somebodys vote (or force them not to vote). let me explain, if you know for example in USA  that hispanic people wont vote for trump in general, you can just pay them to dont go, if they dont vote most probably its a good thing for Trump. If it were mandatory you could also pay hispanic people to vote for Trump, but there is no way to verify they delivered ( ofcourse assuming the vote its secret). 

So, I hope its the kind of answer you wanted  I tried to answer your questions but there are so many! hahaha.

September 17, 2016
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