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Do songs help in learning ??

Hey everybody ;

I am  wondering whether listening to songs can help me in the process of learning a new language or not !! 

what's your point of view ??

Sep 17, 2016 12:01 PM
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Hi, it helps a lot, but not only listening songs.
Speaking about my learning, at first I listen a song, if I like it, I find its text, read it, learn new words and listening it again. Sometimes I use a very good site for training myself (lyricstraining). It's not advertising, it's a really good resource. Unfortunately there isn't every song at it. 
September 17, 2016

Hi, that's a nice question. In my experience, there ares positive and negative facts.

- Songs can be remembered easily. But in general, learning a whole block of notions, hardly allows you to interact with language; and in facts, it yields very few but some new words. Piling up song after song (expecting some an "automatic learning") is therefore completely useless.

- Songs are poetry. I personally do not remember lyrics much better than I remember poetry or novels. Even, songs and poems often do not have a descriptive style: so it is a bit difficoult for my mind to grasp a "situation" to stick the new words onto. In this sense, Novels are more effective, and Jokes are perhaps the very best (but I said to myself--it's too easy--so I don't learn with Jokes). 

- Songs suggest a passive studying. And generally speaking, this never yields good results. 

In conclusion, Language learning mainly needs a creative approach where, thereafter, any kind of material can be useful -- be it songs or news, or movies... I think the best approach is therefore when I already am ACTIVELY SEARCHING in a song, the solution of a linguistic problem, instead than trying to "phagocytizing" a bulk of word-pills by mean of some music-sugar onto.

This goes well for any kind of studying. It is highly better to manage 30 basic words than be confused by many interesting--but practically useless words.

September 17, 2016
Yes, I strongly believe that listening to songs can improve your listening ,speaking, and help you learn new vocabularies 
September 17, 2016
I learnt how to speak Punjabi and Urdu mostly by listening to and watching films in those target languages as a kid - I don't do it anymore because I no longer listen to songs etc (most music is rubbish nowadays) - but coming back to the main point, yes I think it does help. Even listening to news and documentaries is also a great help. However, for me, the greatest acceleration was when I engaged in community projects with speakers of those target languages. Putting yourself in that language environment and making a conscious effort to speak it really helps you go that extra mile. 
September 17, 2016
Yes songs are very helpful for learning new language, listening to English music definitely helped me learn how to speak English and so did listening to Spanish music for learning Spanish. I recommend listening to the song once to hear what they are saying and get the flow of the song in your head, then listen to it a second time and try to follow along with the lyrics and do your best to imitate what the person singing says, and try to sing the lyrics yourself. Then just do that with each song you listen to, if you end up having to listen to a song 5 times in a row before you get the lyrics down so be it, just keep at it because music is a really good way to help you learn a language.
September 17, 2016
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